Hi, I’m Nicola. I'm all for British flowers (and the wonderful farmers that grow them), finding a few minutes of peace in my hectic life, letting my creative inhibitions loose on a unsuspecting bunch of blooms and I love more than anything to fill my home with them.

There is no question that our world is changing and the day-to-day demands on us – physical, mental and emotional – have increased. Relaxation and stress relief techniques, such as mindfulness, are becoming more necessary than ever before.   I find messing around with fresh flowers keeps me connected to nature, fulfills my creative needs and offers a therapeutic moment in a hectic lifestyle – this in turn gave me the inspiration behind The Mindful Florist.

Fresh locally grown flowers delivered to your door ready for you to get hands on with them and take a mindful moment whilst you arrange them into your favourite vase for your enjoyment over the days to come.

But it’s not all about the therapeutic benefits flowers offer, it’s also about being mindful of where the flowers have come from, where they are grown, and the distance they have traveled to reach you. The majority of the flowers sold on the UK high-street, in florists and supermarkets have travelled thousands of miles, they are imported not just from the Netherlands but as far afield as Africa and South America, so by sourcing flowers locally keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum.


The environmental benefits of the flower farms are also important because they encourage our local wildlife to thrive and helps to increase biodiversity.  So as demand for our local flowers grow so will our flower farms and the wildlife that lives within them.

Milton Keynes is lucky to be surround by a number of independent flower farms ranging in size and I feel privileged to be working with a number of them in particular Howbury Farm Flowers.  

To be able to watch the flowers grow, to cut them at their prime and to deliver them direct to your door for you to enjoy is fantastic.   From time-to-time I even get my hands dirty and give the farmers a helping hand.  If you would like to visit the farms and to see where your flowers are grown, we would love to show you around. Drop us a line and we will make this happen!

I even try to deliver some of the flowers by bike – so keep an eye out for The Mindful Florist bicycle on the streets of Milton Keynes and gives me a wave!  As the business grows, the goal is to deliver all of the flowers in the most eco-friendliest way possible.

Find @The_Mindful_Florist on Instagram and you will be able to follow the journey your flowers have taken from flower field to your doorstep.

Enrich your life and your home with our regular fresh flower delivery service.



Where your flowers are grown with love and hand-cut with care just for you


It's clear to see how passionate The Mindful Florist is about delivering an exceptional fresh flower delivery service - the company has a great ethos and it's like no other I have ever come across.

Helen Mason, Newport Pagnell

I am always so impressed with the freshness of the flowers and how long they last. The bouquets are always so beautiful and unique.

Siobhan Wilkes, Loughton



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