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Cycling in the City

As a kid, I spent as much of my free time as possible on my bike exploring Milton Keynes with my friends. It gave me a sense of freedom, excitement and allowed me to seek out mini adventures as and when I wanted.

Over time, my love of cycling and everything that it stands for didn’t disappear but life got in the way and so did my bike.

Lockdown not only gave me the time that I needed to turn The Mindful Florist from a dream into a reality, but it also allowed me the time to get reacquainted with my bicycle.

I had forgotten why I love it so much!

So why is my peddle power hour so important to me? What is the connection between my bike and I? How does it give me not only great ideas for my floristry business, but gives me those all important mindful moments?

To me hitting the tarmac is nature's version of a rollercoaster. I clip into my cleats and let rip on the pedals, turning my handlebars and leaning my whole body into corners, I fly down hills and speed along straights - I am in complete control of my ride, I feel liberated and exhilarated. These feelings help me to clear my mind from anything other than the road ahead and the nature that surrounds me.

We all know that exercise is good for our body - it helps us to feel fitter, stronger and is an excellent way to burn off a few extra calories after a weekend of indulgence.

But being out and about on my bike is not only great exercise for my body but great exercise for my mind too.

I get my creative inspiration for my business from the outdoors and being surrounded by nature.

As I peddle around our fabulous City, I often stop off at some of Milton Keynes’s beauty spots to catch my breath and rest my legs. I sometimes find a soft piece of grass or a tree stump to perch on. I find a moment of peace and admire my surroundings - I am taking in mother-nature's very own floral arrangements of wild flowers, bramble, grass and trees.

There are direct correlations between these wild flowers and the beautiful blooms grown in our local flower fields - the colours, textures, and patterns - they are all naturally unique and naturally perfect.

My camera is full of pictures I have taken whilst exploring Milton Keynes on my bike. I believe it helps me to make my bouquets original in style and full of beauty, love and vision drawn straight from nature. Like no other on the high street.

Mindfulness is not all about sitting cross-legged in silence. To me, on some days,it's about turning the pedals, having space and being outdoors and on other days it’s being surrounded by flowers and allowing myself to be creative.

Is your bike hidden in the back of a shed somewhere needing some TLC? Why not get it out, dust it down and hit the redways. I would love to hear about your adventures!

If you see me out and about give me a wave!

Click here to find a safe cycling route around MK.

If you don't fancy cycling but still want to experience some of our local natural beauty, let me bring a bouquet to your door. Place an order here.

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