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Having fresh flowers in your home should be basic medical advice

Over recent years a growing body of research looks at the connection between our minds and how important it is for us to feel connected to nature. It illustrates how the beneficial effects of exposure to the natural world has on our health, helping to reduce the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression, and how it promotes self healing.

Here comes the sciency word for this research “Ecopsychology”. Sounds likes a three eyed, eco warrior dinosaur or something right?

It’s actually all pretty simple, “eco” – ecology and “psychology” – our minds, put them together, ta-dah!

So how does this ecopsychology stuff work? What does it mean to us? And how do flowers play their part?

We all know that receiving flowers from a loved one makes us feel all warm, fuzzy, and loved, whatever the occasion. Like us flowers are a living breathing life system all on their pretty little own, they bring life, give life, and subconsciously remind us that nature is interconnected with our lives right here on planet earth. Let’s face it dear old Mother Nature has given them wonderful colour, shape and smell all for our benefit, come on who doesn’t automatically smile when you see a beautiful vase of flowers sitting on the window ledge?! That tiny automatic smile and moment you took to admire those blooms is our spiritual connection to the earth, our mindful moment, the earths algorithms impacting on us.

We rush about in our mechanical and concrete world where paying the electricity bill, the overflowing washing basket and the weekly food shop becomes more important than our ability to be able to take time out to deal with all this fast-paced craziness. Hands up, we all want a home with a garden or balcony, our own little slice of outdoor living. Of course, we do, we are recognising that our needs and natures needs are one of the same, and we need each other to sustain life.

I use flowers everyday to practice my mindful connection moment. Just stopping, breathing, taking in the colours, textures, and shapes. I display vases of my favourite flowers in the room where I know I can hide for just five minutes. Clearing my mind and focusing on being in the moment, connecting with the flowers, enjoying the smell and the look of the flowers, and in turn the earth. Hitting the mind reset button. Flowers have an incredible healing capacity and boy do I need that sometimes.

I’m no doctor but to me having fresh flowers in your home should be basic medical advice and as important as eating 5 portions of fruit and veg each day.

All my beautiful blooms are grown with love, cut with care, wrapped and delivered with a smile - get your regular dose of what the doctor ordered and order a flower delivery today.

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