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Why shop local?

We are so lucky to be living in Milton Keynes, in my opinion one of the greatest cities in the UK. We rapidly growing offering a great place for people to live, work and visit.

However it’s a very scary time for businesses of all sizes, large and small across the country including Milton Keynes. The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has a lot to answer for as it’s forced us to change the way we live, socialise and shop. Our sudden dramatic change in lifestyle has heavily impacted our shopping centre and our highstreets meaning that businesses are fighting for survival.

This got me thinking, so why is it so important to shop local? Who are the faces behind the shop fronts? How can we shop safely? And how can we help our local businesses?

There are so many reasons why it’s important to shop local. The first and possibly the most important is because it’s kinder on our planet. By shopping locally and not travelling great distances to buy the things we want, means that we can reduce our carbon footprint and our environmental impact resulting in a happier world.

Another great reason is because we get to know the shopkeepers and they get to know us. It’s a much more personal and friendly way of shopping, and helps to foster a sense of community. There is nothing better than walking into your local bakery, restaurant, clothes shop to be greeted by a welcoming smile and having someone to help you with your shopping. These types of shops are the heartbeat of our community.

In such a short time, The Mindful Florist has allowed me to come in contact with so many wonderful Milton Keynes based businesses who have offered guidance, support and encouragement - here are just a few I wanted to give an extra shout out to:

Evabelle Tent Hire - for inspiring me to finally get my business off the ground. To stop talking about it and start doing it!

LoveMaxee - worked on my branding, business stationary and greeting cards

Mind BLMK - for allowing me to spread the word helping to raise awareness and funds for such a great cause.

Howbury Farm Flowers - my wonderful flower supplier who puts all her love, time and energy into the glorious flowers

Hopyard Lane - for providing inspiration, advice, guidance and industry insights

Milton Keynes Kids - for helping me to get a better understanding of the different social media platforms and helping to develop a social media strategy

Studio at 37 and No.31 - for giving The Mindful Florist high street presence in Woburn Sands

Thank you all for being so fantastic! There are many more I should mention but I’ll save that for another blog!

So how can you support these businesses without having to leave your home or having to spend a penny?

  • Follow, like, share, engage, give positive reviews on social media - if you like a business tell all your friends about it.

  • Leave a Google review. Reviews will not only boost credibility for a business but also help improve their digital presence, especially on Google search.

Let's keep Milton Keynes great, alive and keep our economy strong by shopping locally.

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